You can heal from what holds you back from experiencing pleasure, and move toward unlocking your true expression of sexuality, creativity, and joy.

If you’re looking to build confidence in every aspect of life, from work meetings to your own sexual fulfillment, I can help you discover your very own unique potential.




Femme: What is the feminine to you? It is the subconscious mind. It is creativity. Seduction. Signs and symbols. The hidden. It is invisible, whereas masculine power is more visible: we can see it everywhere. Buildings. Displays of force. But these can all be destroyed. The feminine is hidden and protected.

Bionic: having exceptional strength, endurance or ability.

Gender doesn’t necessarily mean sexual roles. It is the framework of creation. There is an active force and a passive force, as well as a reconciling result.

You need both for reconciliation or birth. Coaching to find your own unique femme energy will help you manifest in a powerful way.

What if …

  • your sexuality could spark a new sense of joy, energy, and serve as a connection to spirituality?
  • you felt more comfortable with your physical body, fully connected to your needs?
  • you experienced more pleasure and joy in your overall life?
  • you could express your needs to others without shame or guilt?
  • you could say Yes and No to without guilt, shame or worry?
  • you felt empowered to please yourself in a way others can’t?

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